From the beginning of the civilization and culture of the human being, Iran has been always a great place. The art and the beauty included in the Iranian art has been the object of appreciation during centuries.

The historical monuments, remained from the centuries ago, proving the existence of people living in the different parts of the mountains and deserts. This proves In addition to the historical buildings as well as the religious and cultural heritage provides enough motivation for people to visit Iran. Moreover, Iran is among those few countries that can provide everyone with different taste. Hence, S-travels present you some information about the most attractive parts of the country from a natural and historical point of view.

The Natural attractions of Iran

Iran is a four-seasons country and contains a vast amount of natural attractions containing many different natural and historical beauties. Some attractions in the country are so unique that one cannot find a counterpart anywhere in the world. you can find many different natural attractions in IRAN. for instance, in winter we have snow in the north part and desert in the south. Here is some example of amazing nature of Iran.

The Lout Desert

The Lout desert is one of the most beautiful attractions of Iran which is located in the south east of the country. This is the only natural attraction of Iran which is listed as a natural UNESCO world heritage site. It’s amazing to know that this desert is one of the warmest spots on the planet. It has a vastity of 40000 square km and is located between the provinces Kerman, Sistan Balouchestan and the south Khorasan. the winds and sandstorm move sands of desert and make unique beautiful scene. One similar situation is happening only on Mars as well.

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The Urmia Lake

The Urmia Lake is the biggest middle east Salt Lake which is in the north west of the country. This lake is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Iran and the biggest lake in the country. In some seasons due to over evaporation the circumstances turn good for a certain alga to grow which turn the color of the lake into light red.

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Badab Sourt

These lakes are useful for curing lumbago, leg pain as well as headache and rheumatism. The accumulation of the lime caused certain traces  and shapes so the water can move over them. These lime structure has been shaped during years by the water rolling and has made a very beautiful scene to watch. the north lacks are in red and orange which tastes like sour. Moreover, the lakes in the south part are diverse, they are yellow, red and orange. One interesting point about these lakes is that due to its certain ecological features they will never get dried. 

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Qeshm Island

The importance of the Qeshm Island is because of its geographical and economical situation. This Dolphin shape island is the biggest island of Iran and Persian Gulf which is located in the Strait of Hormuz. due to the existence of caves, jungles, valleys, beaches and shopping centers, the Qeshm Island is one of the best sightseeing of Iran. The Salt Cave, the valley of stars, the Harra jungle, the temples fig tree, the dams from the Sasanian dynasty and beautiful beaches are the unique attractions of this Island.

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The Torkaman Sahra

The Torkaman Sahra located in the north east of the Iran. It is connected to the Khazar sea from the west side and reaches to Turkmenistan from the north. Such a location with all of these connections could be amazing to visit for once, having a lot of fun and adventures. As you can go everywhere from this place and enjoy your time. This area, due to its vastity, contains a big amount of natural and historical attractions. Among them we can mention the biggest brick tower in the world, Hezar Darre, the mysterious stone cemetery and the original Turkmen horses. Moreover, this area contains a rich culture of the Turkmen people. you can find yourself wondering between the beautiful sound of Do tar (a music instrument) and the women dresses.

from the early times, The Damavand mountain was considered as a sign of Iran which always has the meaning of resistance for the country. It has a great value for the Iranian people as the picture of this mountain is on the Iranian money as well.

It is the highest mountain of Iran and the middle east and the highest volcanic mountain of the Asia which is located in the north of Iran.

Due to the severe cold temperature of the mountain it is a dangerous mountain. On 2011 it was ranked by the national geography magazine as the 7th most dangerous mountain in the world. The speed of the wind in the mountain sometimes exceeds 150 km per hour, In the heels it may reach up to 70 km per hour which are mostly directed from the west and north west.

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This is the only ocean sea port of the Iran which is located in south east of Iran. Close to the India Ocean it always has a mild weather. During the four seasons the seaport has little changing weather and for the most times in the spring it has a mild weather. The commercial waterfronts, the open rivers, Harra jungles, stone-made beach and Mars mountains, the fig tree of temples, short muzzle alligators, the sand beach, sea turtles and migrating birds, beautiful dolphins, Moss carpets and many other attractions are just one in the many beautiful scenes of the Chabahar.

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Historical Attractions of Iran

The traditional culture of Iran which has been displayed in the historical heritage of the country has resulted many beautiful sightseeing in the country. The current culture of the country is a complete package of the distant of up to now history of Iran and everyone can satisfy their curiosity depending on their own taste. The historical heritage in Persepolis, Pasargadae, Shush, Hamadan, Kermanshah, Firouz Abad, Siraf and other attractions of the Iran’s tradition is an enough motivation for visiting Iran. S-travels will introduce some of these attractions. 

Naghshe Jahan Square

Isfahan is an endless world of beauties and historical landscapes, each has their own stories going through lots of historical changes and due to the same reason, it was called ‘The half of the World’. The Naghsh e Jahan square, formally known as Imam Square, is a central square and is a part of the historical complex. What makes this square unique is the rectangular shape of the square which is different from the usual circular shape of them. This rectangular square has a width of 560 meters and a length of 160 meters, another words, one can walk through the length with 430 steps and through the width by 160 steps. As a sign to the greatness of this square one can notice that the Naghsh E Jahan square is way bigger than the Red Square in Moscow. The big square of the Brussels in Belgium is only a tenth of this square which is of a total area of 110*68 meters. Moreover, this square in comparison to the Concord square in Paris is advantageous from the historical standpoint and after the Tian Anmen square in Beijing is the second biggest square of the world.

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Persepolis is the name of the ancient cities of Iran which is located in Marvdasht in Fars province that Dyrus the great has made. This city has been developed during the ruling period of the other kings of Achaemenid dynasty e.g. khashayar Shah, Ardeshir the first. It was their capital for many years.

Everyone knows this city for the big pillars and the head columns as well as its astonishing painting. In this ancient city there is a throne naming ‘the throne of Jamshid ‘which was used for the new year celebration when different people were giving the king their gifts. 

Every part in this 125000-meters city has a unique story. Each painting on the walls and sculptures tells you some stories about the past.

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The National Jewelry museum

The national Jewelry treasury is one of the biggest treasuries of the Gold and jewelries in the whole world which would make you wonder how beautiful these jewelries are. These jewelries are actually priceless as they are totally unique in the world like Diamond of “ sea of light”, the throne of the sun, the Nader throne, and the jewelry sphere.

The Sea of Light Diamond, is the biggest and the most beautiful piece of jewelry in the whole royal collection which is known worldwide. It’s been said that this diamond was extracted and founded a thousand years ago. The Sphere of Jewelry was made under the command of Naser Din Shah by some Jewelry makers of Iran under the supervision of the Christian Abraham. In this Sphere the seas are made by emeralds and the lands are shown  by rubies .The countries Iran, England, south Asia are marked with white diamond, the India has been notified by light ruby, the south Africa and central Africa has been notified by dark ruby and the equator and other geographical lines are shining there.

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Nasir Al Molk Mosque

This is the name of one of the most beautiful places in Shiraz which is in some old district of the city naming Arban Goud. This Iranian Islamic masterpiece will make you wonder in the first place. When you stand right in front of the wooden door and watch the rose tile, Iris and Mogharnas there you will fall in love with this building. What is amazing about this place is the pink tile work and that’s why they call it the pink mosque. After going through the entrance and enter the rectangular yard everything else is like the other mosques in Iran. The beautiful tilework and the rectangular pool in the middle are what you can find almost everywhere. But as soon as you enter the nursery you face something different: the windows allow the light to enter and make into many different colors.

After 150 years, this mosque is still used by prayers. Moreover, due to the unique architecture is has been registered at 1334 as one of the national heritages of the country by the number 369. The complex in the mosque contains mosque, pool, the water depository and the complex are in the ‘Ishagh Beig’ district in Shiraz.

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The Shushtar Water System

The complex is a complicated watering system that due to the evidences dates back to the Dyrus the great around 5 B.C. from the Achaemenid up to Sasanian dynasty, The Iranian were using this brilliant system containing bridges, dams, mills, waterfalls, canals, and tunnels rolling water. Maybe today there is only a portion of the building saved but the water remaining from the rains has made artificial waterfalls which are coming to a pool like area and make a unique scene inside the city. This complex is now a living museum for water technology in Iran which proves a progress in Iranian science in irrigation system.

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The historical city of Yazd

The city of Yazd is one of the best brick cities of the world and has a great part in the historical culture of the Iran. The dry weather never stopped Iranians. They have made wind tower, Qanat, water depositories and brick refrigerators to cope with the dry weather which is a distinctive feature of the Yazd city. Maybe some people will find it surprising of existence a garden in this dry city, but actually the city contains many gardens the most important one is Dowlat Abad garden. Yazd is known for its historical and traditional texture which is to be seen from every roof. Moreover, Amir Chakhmakh square and the mosque are the symbol of the city.

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The Historical city of Kashan

Kashan is a desert city, known as the pearl of the desert which is a sign of originality and its astonishing history which is linked to the Sialk hill which has 7000 years old civilization. Having many natural, cultural attractions can make you wonder for days. For a better understanding we provide you with some details. The house of Tabatabaeis and Broujerdies is of most famous houses in the city and the whole country. The Fin Garden is one of the most known examples of Iranian gardens and it was a reason to be registered in the UNESCO world heritage sites list. This garden meets every standard for garden making and what is most knowable about the garden is the presence of the water which are the live elements of the garden and have made a great atmosphere there. One of the most beautiful and interesting places of Iran is Ghamsar in Kashan which is known for its rose water. This land is occupied with the Rose Flowers which in spring will turn it into a heaven. The village Abiyane is one historical village in the country and is famous among the tourists. The houses are being built on the hills close to the river and they have windows made by wood and houses are covered by red soil. Visiting this place would make your soul feel great as well as your body due to astonishing nature and its beauty.

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Shah Cheragh

This is the name of temple that according to the Shia Islam, is the grave of the oldest son of the seventh Imam and was a brother to Ali Ibn Musa Alireza the eight Imam of the Shia. He was joining his brother in Khorasan but he was killed by enemies. The building contains a nursery and a big inside which is being designed with the mirrors and calligraphy in both Persian and Arabic as well as beautiful tile work. 

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