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Zanjan Tour

Zanjan Tour is one of the best tour in iran.There are different types of attractions in Zanjan among which we can mention the Soltanie dome, which after the Florence church and Ayasoufie is the biggest dome in the world. because of that, Zanjan is a great importance between people as well.

Zanjan tours

As Zanjan has many touristic attractions in historical and natural terms, there are many different tours based on your taste and the time you prefer to spend. The S-Travels company has hired experts to make sure your plan is a good one for your journey. Zanjan tours are mostly around the Soltaniyeh dome and the Ilkhani architecture and their caves. The Katale Khor cave is the target to many tourists, and in terms of the beauty and the floors, it is the first lime cave in the world. Hence if you prefer to visit Iran, never lose the chance to visit Zanjan, a unique international masterpiece.

zanjan tourism

Zanjan tourism is on a gradual raise because of many historical places in the city as well as it’s unique nature. Many tourists are keen to put the Zanjan in the schedule because of its unique historical places and many natural scenes like waterfalls and lakes. S-Travels company has added the city to the classic tours which include visiting Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran and Yazd.

Zanjan tourism hotel

Zanjan Tourism Hotel is very large. In order to raise the tourism in the province, many has tried to build up some fundamentals for the tourism in the city. There are many hotels that are working on this area to make sure that the national as well as foreign tourist are enjoying their time. Moreover, there are many accommodations as well as new and modern hotels available for people of different taste to make sure everyone’s expectation is fully met. As you probably know, accommodation and hotels are a big part of any tourism experience and the S-Travels company having many experts in the area can provide you with the best choices possible.

zanjan travel

Zanjan travel can be memorable .Zanjan is the name to one of the provinces in Iran and is in the Azerbaijan area. This place was known as ‘Zangan’ in the past, and nowadays many tourists are coming to this place to visit the area.

In addition to visiting the city of Zanjan, you can buy souvenir from the local places like Charogh, knife and copper, which are all known in the city.

Travelling to Zanjan is not just to visit the history there, but also, there are many nature, caves, lakes of warm water and waterfalls which are attracting many tourists in the world every year. Now if you are interested to know Zanjan better, the S-Travels company can provide you with the information required for the city with the help of the experts in the company to make your journey a memorable one.




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