Ziggurat Choghazanbil

This word is a combination of ‘Chogha’ meaning hill and ‘Zanbil’ meaning basket which pertains to the temple on the hills which is similar to an upside-down basket. This place is known among the archeologists as the fortress of Ountash. 

The place is being built under the command of Gal who ordered to build up a religious city in which the ChoghaZanbil was located there and was the building of the most height. First, it was of 52 meters height containing 5 layers, but nowadays it is 25 meters and containing just 2 layers. The basement has a square shape of 105 to 105 meters, twice of a football ground.

The building is a multilayered building such that each floor is smaller than the lower floor. Hence it looks like a stepwise building. This building was the place for keeping the statue of the Gods and idols and the practice of the religious rituals.

There is a temple from the period of ILamids in the province of Khuzestan, Shush, and Shushtar. This mud-brick structure is still there after 3500 years. It was the first Iranian registered building by UNESCO.

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Persepolis is the name of an ancient Iranian city which was the capital of the country for the royal rituals and holding ceremonies several years ago. There is a palace in this city called Takht e Jamshid, built in the time of Darius the great, Xerxes the great and Ardashir I. it

used for more than 200 years. In the first days of the new year, many people from different spots were coming to the place representing the provinces of the country and offering the king their gifts.

This is the third building registered at UNESCO’s world heritage site. It was built at 518 BC by Darius the great. After him, his son Xerexes added parts to the complex and made it a bigger place. There are many inscriptions on the

walls representing the history of the kingdom.

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The historical Pasargad in the Fars Province is the sixth Iranian place registered at UNESCO’s world heritage the site and the second most known place in Fras province. This place is also known as the Marghab plain and has a 3000 years history containing villages like Tal Nakhodi, Tal Khari, Tal e Asiab and Do Toulan village which was used for the agriculture on 3rd and 4th millennium BC.

The Pasargadae connected the king road to Persepolis and Shush. The temple of Darius is the most important place there. His temple is located in the south part of this place and was being built under the command of Darius himself. This is a simple but eye-catching. A 156 square meters width and 11 meters height is still firm after 25 centuries.

This is simple but is made intelligently place such that reminds everyone of the ancient temples and attracts everyone as a masterpiece stepwise temple.

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This is a complex from the ancient times up to the Islamic period containing many historical documents like Darius's inscription, the statue of the Hercules the Ilkhanid buildings, the Safavid buildings and the ancient caves as well as the King Abas caravanserai which together make a unique historical complex. Maybe the reason why all of these places are combined is the fact that this place was considered to be sacred. Hence this place is one of the best touristic places in the world which is on the UNESCO list as well.The inscription of Darius I is on the height of 100 meters from the ground and located on the mountains of Bistuon.

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The burned city ( Shahr Soukhte)

This city is located 55 km away from the Zabol city on the Sistan province close the road of the Zabol to Zahedan and is been put on fire two times before. The first time was when It was growing and the second time was the end of it. This is a city built on 1800 BD and was abandoned around 1800 BD. Its civilization was on rising around 2500 to 2200 BD and contained 55000 people. Most of the people there were farmers and craftsmen.

The most important architecture of the place is called the burned palace. Each one of the floors contains a rectangle having 5-6 rooms of a total basement of 150 to 160 meters having 4-6 houses. The main materials is bricks and mud. The roofs are generally flat and they were using other material to cover the roof and cope with the temperature rising. Moreover, the main source of the heat in the house was a central oven.

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The throne of the Solomon

The historical castle called the throne of Solomon is the 4th historical place of Iran and is remaining from the Sasanid dynasty containing many important places like the fire-temple of Azar Goshnasb which was one of the most important places of the Sasanid dynasty, also The king fire-temple Jang Avaran, THE Ian of khosro, the Anahita temple, the small temple, and some firm gates are to be considered among them.

All of these are located in a circular shape place surrounded by a vast plain.

there is a lake inside it and some towers around. In the northwest of t Solomon lake, there is a tall Ivan made of red bricks and special cement called Sarouj.it is connected to two heptagon rooms or Hoz Khaneh, dates back to the Ilkhanid era. Outside the complex, there is a stone-made river of the 300 meters length and of 4 meters height which is called the Stone Dragon by the locals.

To visit this place, you should go to the lake located close to it. This lake’s water comes from the depth of 120m and is full of other material so not proper for drinking and agriculture. The founded object of this area belong to the Parthian, ILkhanid and Sasanid era of which the most important is the fire temple and Sasanid’s Halls.

The historical complex of the throne of the Solomon was the biggest educational, social, and temple of the Iranians many years ago. But on the 624 subjects to the invasion of the Heraclitus, the Greece king It was destroyed.

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The Naghsh e Jahan square

 Naghsh e Jahan square Is a rectangular shaped square in Isfahan surrounded by the Safavid buildings. The main buildings there are Ali Qapu palace, the Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque, and Qeysarieh portal. which were made by the command of Shah Abas I. The Imam Mosque, the Sheikh Lotf Allah mosque and the Qeysarie gate are connected together with same shaped roofs. this square was a place to play polo. The four different sides of the square contain four markets and moreover, there are 200 shops around the square which are mostly for selling hand-made.

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The Bam Citadel

This is the biggest brick-made building in the world and one of the most important historical places in the country. Centuries ago, people have made this city based on a large stone, on the west of the Posht rood river close to Bam city. The city of Bam and the wall which is known as Rabz is located on the south part of the river. nowadays, as the river is dried, people are using it as a road. The material used here are brick, sometimes stone and the palm trees.

Maybe because the citadel is the highest part of this complex, they have called the whole complex as the Citadel of Bam. According to the information available, the place is of total vastity of 180000 meters and it contains walls with 7 meters height and 1815 meters long all around the city. Among the important points here we can mention it’s a two-part place. The ruler’s part and the people’s part, each one has its own features. The ruler’s part contains the castles, 4 seasons palace and some other buildings for daily life, a barrack and a well of the depth 40 meters and a stable contained 200 horses. 

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The Soltanieh Dome

Soltanieh was once the capital to Iranian rulers and today is the temple to the corpse of Mohammed Khoda bande. The known dome of the Soltanieh is a big, two-parted dome and a unique one. It is the first dome in the world which contains two layers and there is no other counterpart in the world. The thickness is 160 meters and there is an empty space between the two layers which makes the place unique and immune it to earthquakes.

The Soltanieh Dome is depicting the temple of Soltan Sanjar but it has some genuine parts. So, a masterpiece of Iranian architecture and was a sample for many other buildings around. Its architect was Seyed Ali Shah. Among the buildings which followed the Soltanieh ‘s style, we can mention the Santamaria church which has been built 100 years later. This dome is in the UNESCO’s heritage sites.

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The Shushtar historical hydraulic system

The people living in Iran were always using the technologies at hand to make tunnels, dams, water facilities from Dyrus times to the Sasanid dynasty. Maybe there is only a portion of this hydraulic system remaining but there is amazing scenes made by the intelligent architects in thousand years ago by directing the water to the mill waters and then to a pool like a place.This complex is one of the most live pieces of evidence of the existence of water technology in the past showing that Iranians were always using the best technology.

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The taq e Bostan

This place presents many historical events, like the coronation of khosroParviz, the coronation of Ardashir II (a description dating 383-379 AD showing this fact), the coronation of Ardashir III and some inscriptions. Overall, this place contains three main parts naming the Bigger Taq, the small Taq and the place for the coronation. It seems that the Sasani Kings used this place as their first place for making statues but after Ardashir II, after coming to the throne and under his command, this place was selected for making scripts because it was on the Silk Road and from a geographical point of view the most important place. The silk road was the main commercial road for connecting the East, west and north of Asia and also the East of Europe to the north of Africa. This place has a unique nature and has great rolling water which makes the place twice beautiful.

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The Nasir Al Molk Mosque

This mosque is among the most known places in Shiraz located in an old district called the Goud of Arabs. This masterpiece of Iranian Islamic period will make you wonder in the first place. Once you step in the gate you will see the tile work and you will love it. Using the pink tiles is a reason why they call it the pink mosque.

After you crossed the octagon vestibule everything else is pretty much like the other mosques of Iran and when you enter prayer hall, you will see the difference of this religious mosque and the lights there.in Iran tourss you go to this place and you can see this historical place.

The mosque is of the total vastity of 2890 meters and a basement of 2216 meters among the most unique features of which is the tile work there. Due to this reason, it is a unique place in Iran. Note that the mosque doesn’t have a dome which shows that the mosque was a private place and not for everyone’s use.

 The tile work in this mosque is quite unique and you cannot find a counterpart anywhere else. The tile work is really fine there and unique because of different reasons. The prayer hall contains colored glasses and that makes the light really beautiful.

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The Golestan Palace

This is a name to some attractions of Iran located in Tehran and is registered in the UNESCO historical heritage list. Some people think that this place belongs to the Qajar era but its history date back to many years earlier. The history of the Golestan Palace date back to the king Tahmasb on Safavid times containing some palaces and many buildings. The most important one is somewhere which was used for the kings to stay there. In the 37th annual meeting of the UNESCO, the place was registered in the UNESCO list. This complex with a history of 440 years would be a great choice for everybody to watch and visit.

As this palace is located in the garden and has many gardens inside they have called it Golestan (which means flower garden).

Although this is just a hypothesis and some others think that it is called so because it has a building of the same name.

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