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General Information

The city of Kerman is one of the mega cities in the south east of the country.This city, being of height 1778 from the sea is the second city in the country in terms of the height and has a very modest climate.The city’s population is 515114 people and in terms of the politics, culture and technology is the most important city in the south and the south east of Iran.Kerman is a mega city in the whole country because of its over spread. The vastity of Kerman is 13, 100 hectares, and is equivalent to the metropolitan area of Shiraz (another mega city in Iran). Kerman is one of the five major cities in Iran due to the historical background. One can find the Iranian-Islamic documents names like Karmania, Germania, Kermania, Karman, Kariman, Karmani, Kermani and Botia. Some scholars in geography believe that the old name to Kerman was Gowashir. It’s been said that Gowashir is the same as (the Ardshir’s mountain) which has been transformed to Gowashir. this city had six gates, for this reason it was known as ‘Six Gates (Shesh Darvaze).

The majority of the people are Muslims and they speak Persian with Kermanian accent. Moreover, there are thousands of people who are Zoroastrians and Jews in Kerman. religious minorities hold their religious ceremonies and ceremonies freely in this city such as the ancient ceremony called ‘Sade’ is the Zoroastrians major ritual which is normally help around September in Kerman. People of kerman are patient, active, honest and hospitable. They are really respectful to elders.

The sightseeing contains cultural, historical and nature. Famous sites in kerman are Ghalee Dokhtar (the daughter’s castle), Ardshir’s castle, Malek Mosque, the main mosque of Kerman, Fath Abadgarden, Gebelie Dome, fireplace and the Zoroastrians museum, The prince garden of Mahan, the Kerman Market, the Ganjalikhan complex etc.


Kerman has an interesting variety of weather and all kind of weather exist in this city. You will see dry weather at north and cold weather in south. July is the hottest month and January is the coldest. It must be interesting to know that one of the hottest spots in the world with 71°C is in Kerman, called Gandom Beryan (Grilled Wheat) and the most amazing part is that, just in an hour you can have a snowy day in a ski piste; in winter of course. Therefore, any season and anytime will be perfect, it’s just up to you and your taste, however, for perfect timing you may want to take a look at here.

The city Center

The Azadi Square is one of the most important squares in Kerman. This over-crowded square is close to all the avenues in the city. Shariati avenue is the one of the most important streets there. Overall, we can say that these two places are close to nearly all the residential, luxurious and historical places in the city.


Airport: the Kerman’s international airport which is called Ayatollah Rafsanjani airport is located inside the city. This airport is one of the most important airports in the country and there are nearly 116 flights from this airport weekly. The main way to access this airport Is taxis.

Train: The Kerman’s train system has 17 stations and all the main lines add up to 684 km. the main destinations involve Tehran, Mashhad and Yazd.

Bus: the Adine Terminal of Kerman is the most advanced and beautiful station in the whole country which due to its unique design and architecture has a unique place in the country. The Adine Terminal of Kerman transports nearly 2000 people each day to different places e.g. Tehran, Isfahan, Hamadan, Mashhad and Bandar Abbas.

Taxi: Is the fastest way of transportation to different places in the Kerman city. We recommend using the yellow taxis in the city for the transportation. For the wireless taxis you can call number 113.


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