The S-travels company, due to the long experience it has as well as the collaboration with S-Travels Iranian agency, provides you any services for getting Iran visa to travel to this beautiful country to know their famous historical places and rich culture. You should know that there are few agencies in the country that can perform Iran visa services and S-travels is one of the most experienced companies in the country doing these services.

To make your experience even better the company carries the responsibility of Iran visa issues at all stages so you can travel with the Peace of mind and safely. In many countries it’s being recommended to consult with the agencies in their own countries for Iran visa issues, but you should know that the process can be carried just by the Iranian agencies and the process could be more expensive and take more time. S-Travel s company will these services with the most possible Iran visa fee and of best quality without being engaged with any intermediate companies.

Iran visa

Before getting into the issue and considering it, we should say that Iran visa, like other visas, is a document that allows you to transport freely to the countries you are not a resident of, which here is Iran. When the Iran visa is issued it will appear on the passport as a stamp which shows the permission of transportation. Nowadays, as Iran is under sanctions, to prevent further restrictions they don’t stamp passports.

Nearly all the countries in the world, if they got a valid passport, at least 6 months before its expiration, can apply for the Iran visa. The process of issuing visa of countries is different.  According to Iran visa policy, issuing Iran visa takes nearly 2-7 days and for the citizens of Canada, united states and UK, issuing Iran visa, can be up to 60 days. The S-Travels company is among those few companies which are approved and allowed to issue Iran visa for special countries (Canada, United States and UK). Iran visa policy describes 13 different types of Iran visa for travelling. among them the most important ones are Iran touristic visa to visit historical and cultural monument also its wonderful nature and give you the chance to know Iran better another common Iran visa is Pilgrimage visa to visit shrines and religious place of Iran.

iran visa price

Iran visa price depends on the people’s nationalities and the place you want to get your visa. As the costs are different and they change on the course of time, the S-Travels can provide you with professional advices 24 hours a day.s- travels company can give you the updated iran visa cost and any other services on Iran visa.

iran visa cost

Iran visa cost is the money you should pay in order to your visa be issued as well as receiving the stamp on the passport. This is a governmental cost. You can pay the money in embassy of Iran in your country  by cash and if you choose Shiraz, Tehran, Mashhad or Tabriz as the place that you want to receive your visa you should pay the money at the budget by cash there.

Iran visa policy

Iran visa policy pertains to the policies which governs the transportation of the foreign citizens to Iran. Iran visa policy is different based on the people’s nationality. Moreover, Iran has provided the Airport visa in specific airport so they would be easy to have Iran visa. This type Iran visa only being issued on airports of Mashhad, Shiraz, Tehran and Tabriz. Iran visa policy pertains to the policies which governs the transportation of the foreign citizens to Iran. Iran visa policy is different based on the people’s nationality. Moreover, Iran has provided the Airport visa in specific airport so they would be easy to have Iran visa. This type Iran visa only being issued on airports of Mashhad, Shiraz, Tehran and Tabriz. The tourists who are willing to apply for the airport visa are better to fill up the Electronic form, nearly 5 days before their arrival, and after receiving the confirmation, they should print it down and take it to the relevant places and receive their Iran visa.

Iran visa cost will be paid by traveler’s currency in cash at the budgets in the airport. The S-Travels company has professional Iran visa consultants who will provide you with good advices and answer all of your questions for Iran visa, Iran visa policy or Iran visa fee According to Iran visa policy, citizens of Azerbaijan, turkey, Bolivia, Syria, Georgia, Armenia, Egypt and Malesia can use the visa waiver program. According to  Iran visa policy , citizens of turkey can stay for 3 months, the people from Syria and Armenia can stay for 90 days, the Georgians can stay for 45 days, Bolivians, Serbians, Lebanons and Azerbaijanian can stay for 30 days The people of Egypt can stay for 20 days, the people of Venezuela and Malesia can stay in the country for 15 days, without a visa.

Also, if they prefer to stay for more, they should ask for a visa in their own embassies or the companies working on these areas.   According to Iran visa policy for the other countries the Iran visa is valid for 3 months and a tourist can stay in the country for 1 month and if they prefer to stay more the visa can be re-issued for more 60 days (on the condition that the documents are complete). Note that when Iran visa expires, the tourists should either leave the country or apply for re-issuing the visa elsewhere they might face some troubles as this is against Iran visa policy.

Iranian passport

 Like other countries, Iranian passport is in red and the official sign of the country is appearing on the top of Iranian passport, plus the flag of the country. In Iranian passport, on each two pages you got a picture of the temple of famous and reputable people like Hafez or Saeedi, or known places like Azadi tower, Ali Qapu palace

Iran visa for Pakistan

 In order to travel to Iran, you should have Iran visa, and for the Pakistanis there is no exception. So, the people from Pakistan should go to Iran’s embassy for requesting Iran visa. The people from Pakistan can go to the airline agencies as well as the travelling agencies for a help but as it was mentioned it is easier to work with an agency in Iran to get Iran visa. The professional team of S-Travels company can provide you with the help to get Iran visa as soon as possible. One should know that the airport visa process is not applicable for Pakistani people and the spot in which they will get Iran visa should be determined first. Iran visa for Pakistani is valid for 3 months and the people from Pakistan can stay for one month and then they can apply for the extension. Moreover, if it is accepted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they can extend Iran visa for a more 60 days. Please keep in the mind that when Iran visa for pakistani expires the people should leave the country as their otherwise stay is no more considered as legal according to Iran visa policy.

Iran travel visa

Iran travel visa is suitable for anyone who loves traveling . The process and requirements of getting visa differ from one country to another. Based on Iran visa regulations, tourists initially can apply for a maximum of 30 days, and after entering the country, if they wish to increase the length of staying, they can apply for a visa extension to 60 days at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran.Some may hold this belief that the process of getting Iran travel visa takes long and costs a fortune, but in real, it only takes 3 to 5 working days, unless you’re British, American or Canadian, which it does take long, around 60 days. It should be noted that tourists from these countries must travel on a tour and cannot apply for a visa to enter Iran individually.S-Travels in cooperation with S-Travels travel agency, having needed certificates, is one of the few companies that is best suited in getting Iran travel visa.We are ready to answer to all the questions and provide you with the best services.

Iran tourist visa

Iran tourist visa  is a good visa for travelling to a country with majestic historical monuments and beautiful natural attractions which catches everybody's eyes. Iran Tourist Visa makes it possible for the travelers to enjoy staying in Iran and seeing its beauties. To get the Iran Tourist Visa, the travelers should follow these:

1- Visiting the Iranian foreign ministry's website and applying for a visa

2- Going to the Iranian Embassies and applying for a visa in person.

3- Asking reliable travel agencies for issuing Iran Visa. 

4- Getting the airport visa of IranS-travels Company in cooperation with Iranian Ashna Parvaz Agency would be ready to get the airport and non-airport visa for you.

To get the airport visa of Iran, some documents are needed such as a valid original passport, the number of the letter of invitation of a reliable travel agency and finally two 3x4 photo. The Iran Tourist Visa is issued between 3 to 7 days in embassies and in the case of Iranian Foreign Ministry's agreement it gets ready instantly (2 to 5 hours) after the travelers' application at the airports. S-travels Company recommends that tourists applying for the airport visa should manage to get it before their arrival in Iran so that they won’t have to spend much time in the airport.


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