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Have you ever travel to Iran? If not, then you should include this trip in your plans. However, Iran has so many beautiful natural landscapes and ancient sites and sights that it is not possible to see them all on one trip but we can do. By taking part in our Iran 7 Day Tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the cities of Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan Yazd, Shiraz, and Kerman. An adventurous trip that you can name one of the best memories of your life. It shines with many attractions in the heart of the Middle East. It is better to throw away what you have heard about this country and visit Iran with your own eyes. Join us on Iran 7 Day Tour adventure.


Heart of the Iran

On the first day, our destination will be Tehran. We will arrive at the airport to rest. Don't worry, we won't let you get bored on this day. Exciting things are waiting for you. However, our journey begins on day two.
The next morning, we will leave the hotel to begin our adventure. Tehran is the most populous city in Iran. We will go to Abgineh Museum of Tehran. The museum has the oldest Parthian pottery made. The museum has a variety of galleries that houses a collection of historical artifacts and paintings. Then we will go to Golestan Gardens, Tajrish Bazaar, Azadi Tower, Saad Abad Palace, and Milad Tower, which are symbols of Tehran. We can assure you that from the second day on, you will be thrilled and excited that this is just the beginning of our 7 Day Iran Tour. After touring this great city, we return to the hotel to gather enough energy for the coming days.


Heaven of roses

We have to say goodbye to the city of Tehran because we are going to a place that is not inferior to Tehran. Kashan is the next destination. We will leave for Kashan by Bus. Our first recommendation for buying souvenirs from this city is to get a few bottles of rosewaters because no place in the rest of the world has stuff like that. After arriving in the city, we will visit places like Borujerdi and Tabatabaie houses, Agha Bozorg Mosque, Bagh-e Fin, etc. It also has great food that you can definitely enjoy if you desire to taste. Our third day in Iran 7 Day Tour, will come to an end in this beautiful and breathtaking city.

Half of the world

And finally, we will go to the city that everyone is expecting. Isfahan, one of the most elegant cities in the world. It was the capital of Iran during the Safavid period. In this part of the journey, we will try to visit more wonderful places. Menar Jonban, Kakh-e Chehel Sotun, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, and bridges such as Si-O-Se Pol and Pol-e Khaju that capture the mind and the soul.
History in this city is quite alive and if you are interested in history, Iran 7 Day Tour will stay with you forever. You can take a tour of a traditional Iranian Bazaar. Most parts of Isfahan are magnificent, historic and UNESCO World heritage. Isfahan also has so many beautiful hotels that make it really comfortable to stay in this city. It is impossible to not fall in love with this city.

City of poetry

On the fifth day, we will reach the city of poetry and great poets. Shiraz is one of the ancient and historic cities of Iran. Shiraz has been the capital of Iran for many years, and its name appears on the tablets obtained from Persepolis. For this reason, the city holds many monuments and hosts tourists from all over the world every year.
It has attractions such as Pasargadae, Qur'an Gate, Arg of Karim Khan and Hammam-e Vakil. Also, if you are interested in buying souvenirs, you can buy Masghati and Koloocheh. It’s not over yet, as the Tomb of Hafez and Saadi are other places to visit. These two are great poets of world history, and Iranians are very fond of their poems. Shiraz hotels are also popular and special, and when you rest at the end of the fifth day, everything will go well.

City of windmills

After Shiraz, we will drive to Yazd by car. The beautiful attractions make Yazd a great touristic target. Yazd has a unique nature. When the name of this city comes to mind, many will remember Yazd Atashkadeh. Tower of Silence, and Bagh-e Dowlat Abad, are some of the places that will definitely be on our Iran 7 Day Tour trip.
The latter is one of the most spectacular places in Yazd and one of five Iranian gardens registered in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The tall mansion of Dowlat Abad garden has the world's tallest windmills and is architecturally very valuable. This garden was built about 260 years ago.


Center of carpet and caraway

Kerman province is one of the historical provinces of Iran that played an important role in Achaemenid, Qajar, Sassanid and Samanid ages. Kerman has a very warm climate. The most popular attractions in Kerman are Bazar-e Mesgari, Harandy Garden Museum and Gal-e Dokhtar. We will definitely visit these areas during our Iran 7 Day Tour. It also has beautiful waterfalls. Waterfalls such as the Rayen, Khoshkar, and Furoutan waterfalls, which are Kerman's natural attractions. Buying souvenirs from Kerman is a must. Qottab is a pastry and Kerman Carpet which is famous not only in Iran but also in the whole world.
Kerman, our last destination on Iran 7 Day Tour, will definitely catch you. The time for this trip is over, and the departure from Kerman Airport will take place late at night. We hope to see you again.

small group tour to iran can visit a lot of best place of iran  in iran 7 day tour.

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