Going to the nature is one of the hobbies people frequently do. One of the beauties of Iran is the national parks of the country. S-travels introduce you some of the famous parks of Iran.

The national park of Urmia Lake

This park is located in the north west of the country between the eastern and the western Azerbaijan of a total vastity of 464056 square km. Among the cover plants of this area, we can mention thyme, grain, iris, anemone, Shang, Ziziphora, Oat, the cheery tree and almond. The animals living in the area contains Iranian tiger, ram, deer and rat.

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The national park of Khojir

This park is in Tehran and is of total vastity of 9971 hectares in the eastern side of the city. You can find vegetation containing Anise, the Prunus lycioides, Colutea, Rubia tinctorum, European ash, Paliurus spina-christi and Mugworts. Moreover, you can find animals like deer, Bezoar ibex, fox, Shang, Jackal, Hamster, Persian jird, Camel, Snakes and birds like: Mallard, See-see partridge,  golden oriole,  teal, Bunting, hoopoe are living in this area.

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The national Park of Bakhtegan

This park is being made of two major parts containing the protected area and the national park. Of a total vastity of 175372 hectares, the park is located 70 km away from the Neyriz in Fars. Among the plants you can see here we can mention almond, Ziziphora, Halophyte, Common fig, Prunus lycioides, wild pistachio. Among the animals living there one can mention these: Iranian deer, fox, jackal, Ovis orientalis, sheep and birds like Egrets, Larus, stork, heron, woodpecker, and Bustard.

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The national park of Ghomishloo

In the west side of the Isfahan there is another park of Iran naming Ghomishloo which is famous. This park is of total vastity of 86685 hectare and it contains some historical places like houses and castles. In this park there are animals like Agamas, Porcupine, Iranian hedgehog, Ram, Sheep, hog, Caracal, rabbit, green toad, and birds like Saker falcon, bee, pig, different kind of bats, Long-legged buzzard, eagle, black vulture.

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The national park of Nayband

This is another national park located in the south part of Iran, Nayband, which is in the south part of Bushehr. This is a park of total vastity of 46000 hectares containing a vegetation of Salsola, Fig trees, Tecomella, Zygophyllum, Jujube and Mangrove. The animal life contains Goat, Chinkara, rabbit, Crested lark , Kentish plover , Dalmatian pelican , Hawksbill sea turtle and Mudskipper.

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The national park of Turan or kharturan

This is another national park of the country in the areas of Semnan and Khorasan Razavi of total vastity of 1464992 hectare and contains animal life like Iranian tiger and zebra as well as Hyena, Caracal, Chinkara, Gazelle, Ovis orientalis. There are birds like Tawny eagle, Eurasian eagle-owl, Indian roller, pigeon, Isabelline shrike, Pleske's ground jay and among the plants there we can mention Alhagi, Zygophyllum, Atraphaxis, Haloxylon and Milkvetch.

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The national park of Lar

This is one of the famous Iranian parks in the southern climates of the Alborz between Tehran and Mazandaran of the total vastity of 73500 hectares. You can find plants like German chamomile, Sideritis, Liquorice, Chicory, Iris, Common sage, Broadleaf plantain and Yarrow. There are animals like Wild goat, Goat, Brown bear, Leopard, Wild boar, Hedgehog, laudakia nupta, natrix, Eurasian eagle-owl, Eurasian sparrow hawk, Kestrel, Short-eared owl.

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The National park of Tandoureh

One of the parks of the north Iran is Tandoureh in the Dargaz in Khorasan of a total vastity of 53780 hectares. The vegetation contains Caraway, tomato, flax, barberry, thyme and willow. Moreover, among the animals living there we can mention Persian leopard, Cobra, Wild goat, goat, hyena, Ram. There are birds among them we can mention Common linnet, golden eagle, Eurasian skylark, Scops owl, Corn bunting, Sylvia warblers, Common blackbird.

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The Golestan national Park

Of course, one of the most famous parks in Iran is the Golestan park which is in the east side of the Golestan and the north Khorasan. The total vastity of the park is 92000 hectares. The park is being registered at UNESCO and has a rich vegetation.
The vegetation in this park is quite diverse containing pomegranate, Parrotia, yellow oak European pear, Acantholimon, Tamarisk, Alhagi, Viper's-buglosses, Raspberry and European ash. Moreover, there is a rich animal life in the park Leopard, brown bear, fox, pine marten, Ram, sheep, Pallas's cat, Red deer, blackbird, Saker falcon, pink Starling, Partridge, Shrike, Sylvia warblers and Cinereous vulture.

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The national park of Qatruyeh

This park is in the borders of Fars and Kerman in the Neyriz and is of total vastity of 408017 hectares. This is a protected area containing Iranian Zebra. Among the other animals living there can mention Cheetah, Caracal, Plesk’s ground jay, Bustard, wild goat, Ram, sheep, Wild boar, fox, wolf, Hyena, Jungle cat, Chinkara as well as birds like Partridge, See-see partridge, Sandgrouse. The park is in dry place and is subject to some threats from an ecological point of view.

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The Paband Park of Behshahr

This is the national parks of Iran in Mazandaran of total vastity of 26597 hectares and some living animals like Red deer, Roe deer, Leopard there. There is a protected place in the park in Hezar Jarib Area. The main types of animals here are brown bear, Wild boar, Jackal, Fox, Porcupine, pine marten, Woodpecker, Golden eagle, Partridge and different kind of Shrike.

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The national Park of Khebr Kerman

Is in the Baft city of Kerman located 60 km away from the south part of the city of total vastity of 150000 hectares containing animals like black bear, Caracal, Honey badger, wolf, Chinkara, goat, Ram, Leopard and Cheetah. The park contains 470000 types of plants. This is a protected area and is a shield for the animals there. In the year 1370 this place has been registered in the UNESCO list and was promoted as a national park. This park contains some special types of animals in it.

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The national park of Sorkhe Hesar

This is a park located in the eastern Tehran in the national park of Sorkhe of a total vastity of 9168 hectares. Moreover, the park contains many different animals and is very close to Tehran. You should know that as the park is close to the mountain, it has a rich vegetation life.
The birds inside the park involves Grey heron, Night herons, Bitterns, Egrets, Mallard, Gadwall, Eurasian teal, Northern shoveler, Northern pintail, Osprey, Kite, sparrow hawk, Northern goshawk, Golden eagle, imperial eagle, buzzard, Vulture, Cinereous vulture, Kestrel, Saker falcon, Barbary falcon, Falcon, Sandpiper, Woodcock. Among the reptiles can mention snakes, Vipers, frogs, green toad and Greek tortoise.

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