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Charming of Persia

   Tehran Shiraz Yazd Isfahan kashan

   Cultural Tours

   11 days 10 nights

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Deserts of Persia

   Tehran Bam Sahdad kerman Garmeh Varzaneh Isfahan Matin Abad

   Adventure Tours

   9 days 8 nights

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IRAN explore

   Tehran kerman Yazd Isfahan Shiraz

   Cultural Tours

   13 days 12 nights

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Magical Iran

   Tehran kerman Yazd Shiraz Isfahan kashan

   Cultural Tours

   15 days 14 nights

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Northern Iran and Mashad

   Tehran Zanjan Maraghe Tabriz Sarein Anzali Mashhad

   Northern Tours

   10 days 9 nights

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Short adventure in IRAN

   Tehran Shiraz Isfahan

   Cultural Tours

   6 days 5 nights

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Tehran Museums tour


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Tehran Palaces tour


   Tehran Tours


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tehran tour

Tehran tour can be the first tour after arrival in Iran.Since there are many historical and natural places as well as a variety of different museums, namely The Contemporary Art Museum, The Golestan Palace Museum, Niavaran Museum, The JahanNama Museum and etc. different types of tours will be found for visiting Tehran.

The S-Travels company trying to respect the tourists taste as much as possible has provided various tours, e.g. for museums, tours for the nature, private tours and etc. to make sure that tourists expectations are being met and they get the chance to visit their favorite places.

tehran city tour

Tehran city tour is one of the best tour in Iran. The S-Travels company based on the time of the visit, has divided tours into one-day and multi-day tours. Tehran city tours are being created based on peoples taste and expectations for visiting different areas of the city. We promise the tourists that with the help of the experts in the company, you will have no problems seeing all of the necessary places in the city as the company has provided the tourists with the best transportation systems and the tourists can see the whole Tehran in city tours.

travel agencies in tehran iran

Travel agencies in Tehran Iran is a lot. There are many agencies in Tehran doing the tourism business, as a matter of fact, half of all travel agencies in the country are in Tehran. The agencies are very important for the sake of tourism and they are working in different areas of tourism. These travel agencies in Tehran Iran cooperate with each other and make sure that they are having the best plans for your trip. S-travels company is no exception in this regard and tries to cooperate in the best way with the other agencies to create best moments for you in your trip. To know the most famous agencies in the country you might have a look at Marcopulu, EliGasht, Ghoghnus etc.

tehran day tours

Tehran day tours are diverse.Among the tours mentioned, Tehran day tours by train which will take you to the north, the heart of the nature in Iran. We strongly recommend you not to lose the one-day tour of the country

tehran tourism

Tehran tourism is a growing business and many tourists come to the city to visit the capital of Iran, so they can enjoy shopping as well as visiting traditional and modern attractions, palaces, hotels and etc.

As Tehran is a metropolis and there are many places to be seen there, covering them all for tourists may not be possible, hence S-Travels company, have provided you with the conditions that you would enjoy visiting top attractions, having best foods and seeing best parts of the city.

Many tourists will wonder how safe the country is, despise all the false propaganda against it, and many would recommend visiting the country at least once..

tehran tour guide

The tour guide can give you a better memory of TehranVisiting the city requires a professional tour leader who have many experiences in the tour leading specially in a city like Tehran. The Tehran tour guides , are active in a professional way in different areas e.g. history, nature and museums.

The S-Travels company, having many years of experience in the area and holding many tours in the country as well as having the experts in the tour leading profession, can provide you with the best experience in your trip and would make your experience a unique one. The Tehran tour guides are being chosen from the local people and they will provide you with the chance to visit people and get to know their life

flights to tehran

Flight to Tehran is good now. Tehran province has three main airports, namely Ghale Morghi airport, the Imam International airport and MehrAbad Airport. Imam International airport where International flights to Tehran take place is one of the oldest airports in the country. It has full access to metro, taxi and parking lots. The airport is located 30 km away from the Tehran city and S-Travels company, aiming to make passengers enjoy their time as much as possible, do the pick-up at the airport 24/7.

visit tehran

Visit Tehran, the capital of the Iran, is among the most beautiful cities in the country which is in the southern mountains of Alborz. It’s a mixture of traditional and modern buildings which has turned the city into a unique 

Among the most viewed parts in the city one can mention the Nature Bridge, the Golestan Palace, The Azadi Tower, The Sa'dabad Palace, The Recycle Park and etc. Moreover, given its geographical location, Tehran has unique atmosphere and changeable weather which is considered to be one of the it’s attractions.

The best time to visit Tehran, if you don’t prefer the crowdy places, is the official vacation, as many people leave the city and go to the northern parts of Iran so you can enjoy the silence in the city.

S-Travels company has hired experts in tourism to provide you with all needed information to plan your trip in the best way.

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