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Mangrove jungle(Hara jungle)

Code ghs1901
Destination Qeshm
Category Eco Tours
Duration 8 hours

Start : at 9 AM from your own hotel

Age : mins 5 to up

Included : Bus , transfer , lunch , meals , insurance , professional tourguide , special boat

Not Included : Breakfast


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Qeshm is a Island in Horomzgan province that is the biggest island in Iran and Persian Gulf, is located in hormoz strait. In recent decades it has turned to one of the tourist Destination.
Shib Deraz Village is located in Sooza district that is a really beautiful locality.
A lot of turtles live there that is probably surprise you, if you’re interested in animals and want to see turtle eggs, you could have new experiences.
Qeshm includes different islands, one of them is Hormoz that is popular because of red soil that is contains 70 kinds of minerals that you can’t find anywhere on the earth.
Hara or Mangro is one of the attractions of this region. The trees who live there grow up in salty water. When the level of sea moves up, trees will Covered by water and disappear, then when the sea goes down, Hara Jungle will appear in front of your eyes.

Mangro jungle
Mangro jungle

At 9 am we are going to Shib Deraz Village. After visiting this village we depart to one of the most beautiful islands “Hormoz Island” by boat. We will be watching Dolphins and red beach, then we will come back to Shib Deraz jetty.
After moving toward Tabl village and boating in Hara jungle and watching its wild life, that is one of the most special spectacular area, we will eat lunch at local village and will come back to Qeshm.

Meals : Lunch, Brunch

1- Cancellation expenses (Amounts to be paid to the different providers involved in the trip). The amount of these can be significant, since they include airline tickets, hotels, expenses of local correspondents, etc., which may be non-refundable.

2- Penalty consisting of the following percentages on the total amount in case the withdrawal occurs:

A) Within 10 days of the departure date: 10% (only management fees are charged)

B) 3 days before the departure date: 60%,

C)1 day before the departure date: 100%,

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