There is a historical bath in Kashan city named Soltan-Amir-Ahmad that has taken its name from the Imamzade next to it. This historical bath is of unique Iranian baths and incomparable in terms of architecture and decoration.

Based on some observations and documents, the history of this bath dates back to Seljuk era; though its dressing room has been left from the Qajar era.

There are different sections in this bath such as the large bath, the entrance, the dressing room, the hot chamber, Khazine1, and the small bath.

Mostly, in Iranian bath architectures, in order to maintain the inside heat, the baths were to build under the ground level and in the soil to reduce the energy consumption.

The decorations of this bath are so eye-catching that have made this bath unique. Lime plaster decorations in this building attract everybody's attention. What is meant by lime decorations, is the art of engraving highlighted figures and patterns that is taken accounted as one of the most beautiful decorations in Iranian structures.

Turquoise and golden tiles, seven-layer plasterworks and using kind of unique architecture are the features made this bath prominent in Iran. Having vaulted ceilings, beautiful mosaics and wall paintings are other features of this bath making it much more appealing.

Two wells were being used here to supply water and some pottery to transfer water to different sections of the bath.


Soltan Amir Ahmad alley, Alavi Street, Kashan city

Opening hours

8 to 20:30


Mourning days

Ticket Price

200000 Rials

Access ways

Taxi, bus

Nearby attractions

Boroojerdiha historical house 60m

Abbasian historical house 150m

Tabatabaeeha historical house 220m

Aqa-bozorg mosque and school 750m

Phone number


in Iran tours and when go to kashanTyou see this good bath.


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