The historical and cultural complex called Sadabad is in the northern, and best weathered and highest part of Tehran, of a total vastity of 300 hectares. This complex has 180 hectares of natural jungles, lakes, qanat, gardens and avenues covered by trees and flowers.

Sadabad palace covers four different stages of history containing Qajars, first and second Pahlavi and the post-revolution era. This is the place for the residence and summer camps to these dynasties who were ruling the country. After the 1921 coup it bacame the official place for Reza Khan summer camps.

Many palaces and cabins were made for the various purposes in the complex which are overall 18 in number. The oldest palace in the complex is the Ahmad Shahi cabin which was finished in his first ruling time. The newest palace is the summer camp palace of Leila Pahlavi, the youngest daughter to Mohamamd Reza Shah of Pahlavi.

All of the complex was turned into museum after the revolution, among them we can name the museum of fine arts, royal albums and the Sadabad documents, the museum of Farshchyan, royal dishes, royal guns, royal clothing, the army museum, the green museum and the museum of royal cars and etc...


Tehran, ValiAsr street, the Shahid Fallahi avenue, ending of the Shahid Kamal Taheri

Visiting time

9 AM- 19 PM

Ticket price

80000 - 150000 IRR

Access way

Metro, bus, taxi

Nearby attraction

The museum of time: 1.9 km

The museum of cinema 2.9 km

The roof of Tehran 6.8 km

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