Golestan Palace is one of the greatest and most important buildings in the whole Iran’s history. The building is located in Teheran, the capital of Islamic Republic of Iran. Moreover, the building has been registered on UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2013 as one of the global historical places in the world.

Historically, the construction of the building was started in Safavid era. Later, the Zand dynasty (1750 -1779) reconstructed the palace. Finally, when the Qajar came to power and chose Tehran as the capital, the palace was selected as their formal seat. Even in Pahlavi era, this palace was the coronation place for both Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah.

Golestan Palace is uniquely important from an architectural point of view, as the palace is representing the modernization of Iranian architecture. Hence you can find the influence of Europe’s 18th and 19th building design.

The palace contains many different areas each worldwide known for different reasons. The Mirror Hall (Talar Ayene) is the first and foremost hall in the palace known for the extraordinary mirror work. The Pond House (Howz Khane) is where you can see the general Europeans painting style. This is an example of the spirit of Iranian art getting modernized. Beside the Mirror Hall you will see the Brilliant Hall (Talar Brilian) another great mirror work done by the artists of the same spirit. One should never miss the next hall located in the building naming the Diamond Hall (Talar Almas) which is as beautiful as it could be and shows the transitional period in Iranian art. Overall, it could be said without any shadow of a doubt that this palace is a great source for studying the Iranian art.


Fifteen Khordad Avenue, Arg Square, Tehran 11369

Visiting time

Spring and Summer: 9:30 AM to 18:30 PM.

Fall and winter: 9 AM to 16:30 PM.

Ticket price

Different halls have a different price for the ticket please check here for the full price table.

Access way


Phone Number

(+98) 21-33113335-8






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