One of the most pleasing attractions of Isfahan, that even some people have never heard of it, is the PIGEON TOWER (Borje-Kaboutar) which is known as ‘PIGEON HOUSE’ as well.

The history of the PIGEON TOWERS is not exactly known, but the evidences show that it dates back to 1200 years ago.

The Architecture of the PIGEON HOUSES contains a nest in every tower for one or two pigeons which is suitable for their mating. This mud nests are cold enough in summers and are good shields against winter winds. Moreover, they are made in a very delicate and tidy way so it would be pleasing for all visitors.

The pigeon houses were used to gather pigeons and other birds. Indeed, they were of agricultural use as well. Every year, 70000 tons of pigeon fertilizer is being taken from the pigeon houses. The pigeon fertilizer was useful for the agriculture as well as industrial uses. In addition, the pigeon houses were a suitable place for protecting them against wild animals.



Mardavij Avenue

Visiting Time:

9 am to 1 pm

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Access Ways:

Taxi, Bus


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