Tajrish Market is the name to one of the oldest Tehran districts which brings up many memories to the mind of the people of Iran. Nearly fifty years ago, the market was unroofed, which caused problem when snowing and raining, therefore they started to roof the market with wood, mud and bricks. Around 1352 tradespeople rebuilt the roof using metal material, and finally, Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization renovated the market into the current shape.

The Tajrish market is 300 to 700 meters long containing more than 400 shops. The difference between Tajrish and Grand Bazaar of Tehran is that in Tajrish there are retailers, while in Big market wholesalers.

This known market is on Shemiranat area and is connected from one side to the Imamzade Saleh and the Tekye of Tajrish, and on the other side reaches to the Quds and Tajrish square.

The covered market of Tajrish is one of the most known markets in Tehran and one favorite place for visiting among the people. Unlike other parts of the city, the Tajrish area is so lively at nights, and it actually is a great place for nightlife, which makes it a special place. Tajrish is considered a nostalgic place where you can buy different goods, snacks, hand-made arts, etc.


Tehran, Tajrish square

Visiting Time

 Saturday to Thursday 10 to 22 and Fridays 10 to 14

Holidays (2019)

June 4 & 29 , May 26, September 9 & 10 , October 27

Ticket Price (2019)


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