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Code IR13D19518
Destination Tehran kerman Yazd Isfahan Shiraz
Category Cultural Tours
Duration 13 days 12 nights

Arrival : IMam Khomeini International Air port, Tehran

Departure: Imam Khomeini International Airport,Tehran


Included meals: 13 Breakfast,12 lunch, 1Dinner

Accomodation :3 and 4 stars hotels and traditional houses

Dates & Prices
Depart date

In IRAN explore tour we prepared a trip for you to explor the real Iran  and visit Iran's capital, Tehran, the ancient city, Kerman,, the bride of the desert,  Yazd ,city of poets and flowers, Shiraz, and Isfahan, the Pearl of the East .  

  Trip Summary

 2 Nights in Tehran 

2 Nights in Kerman

2 Nights in Yazd

3 Nights  Isfahan

4 Nights in Shiraz

Included services


Accommodation in 3- and 4-grade hotels (Half board)

Domestic flight and flight rate

Professional English, French, Spanish and Arabic tour guide

Visa confirmation code


Visits and excursion fee according to itinerary

Visitor Sim card

 Not included

Supplementary insurance (healthcare, cancellation fees, extension of coverage

price per person for 4 grade accomodation

 Pax 8-15  Pax 4-7  pax 2-3



DAY 1 - After arriving at Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) in Tehran, our representative will meet and greet you; then, you will be transferred to the hotel to rest.

Day 2:Full day of visit in Tehran (National Museum, Golestan Palace, National Museum of Jewels, Museum of carpets, ...), hotel accommodation in Tehran.


Meals : Breakfast, Lunch

Day 3: Take the flight from Tehran / Kerman, arrival in Kerman, visits historical monuments of Kerman (Ganj Ali khan, the Jame Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, ...), transfer and hotel accommodation in Kerman.

Day 4 : Rayen- Mahan- Kerman

Departure to the citadel of Rayen visit  histprical Rayen Castle. After RAyan castel we will go to the town of Mahan and we sill visit the beautiful  Shazdeh Mahan Garden which is listed as one of the  Persian Gardens by UNESCO. then we will return to Kerman, hotel accommodation in Kerman.


Meals : Breakfast, Lunch, In-flight

Day5 :Departure to Yazd (the desert bride), arrival in Yazd (A UNESCO World Heritage) is one oldest continuously inhabited towns of Iran. Its silhouette punctuated minarets and the ingeniously-designed wind towers breezes to homes during the hot summer months to moderate inside the houses. Yazd is also the center of Iran’s Zoroastrian community, which is where you’ll begin the day’s sightseeing..

Day 6: Full day visit to the city of Yazd (Zoroastrian Temple, the Towers of Silence, the Temple of Fire, the Jame Mosque, the monumental complex of Amir Chakhmagh ...), hotel accommodation in Yazd.The next place to visit is the Friday Mosque, built in 1324, where you can gaze upon the tallest minarets in the country.The next place to visit is the Friday Mosque, built in 1324, where you can gaze upon the tallest minarets in the country.Among the many other historic sites to be seen in Yazd are beautiful old homes and the Dowlat Abad Garden. Standing by the garden’s long reflecting pool, you’ll be shaded by ancient cypress trees.In Amir Chakhmaq Square, you’ll see a very impressive Hussainiya– a. congregation hall for Shia commemoration ceremonies.Moving towards Isfahan our next stop will be the wonderful Isfahan

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch

Day 7 :Departure to Esfahan (considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site), on the road you saw the Naien village, arrival in Esfahan, hotel accommodation in Esfahan.

Day 8 :Your exploration continues in Imam Square. This 17th-century site is one of the largest public spaces in the world. Here in the square, you’ll visit the 17th-century Shah Mosque, revered as a masterpiece of Islamic architecture and easily recognized by its magnificent tilework and minarets. You will also visit Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, also known as the Ladies Mosque, as it was built for the Shah's harem, renowned for brightly colored domed ceiling, where the light creates the image of a peacock. In the Ali Qapu Palace, you’ll marvel at its beautiful music rooms and the balconies where Safavid kings would sit to enjoy the polo matches unfolding in the square below. You’ll end your exploration of the square by visiting the Qeisarieh Bazaar. With hundreds of local vendors that specialize in traditional arts and crafts, it’s a wonderful place to shop for pottery, enamel, jewelry and delicately inlaid board games.

Day 9: Full day of visits in Isfahan (the Hasht Behesht palace, Vank Cathedral, the historical bridges of Kaju and Sioseh Pol, ...), hotel accommodation in Isfahan.

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch

Day10 :Departure to Shiraz, arrival in Shiraz, transfer and hotel accommodation in Shiraz.

Day 11: Full day of visits to the city of Shiraz (the Grand Bazaar, the Garden of Eram, the Vakil Mosque, the Nasir al Mulk Mosque, the Garden of Narenjestán Ghavam, the Shah Cheragh Mausoleum, ...), accommodation at the hotel in Shiraz

Day 12- Shiraz - Persepolis- Shiraz 

In the morning departure to ancient cities of Persepolis and Pasargad. Visits to the remains of the ancient city of Persepolis (the capital of the Achaemenids) and Naghshe Rostam or "the portrait of Rostam" (a rocky wall containing four royal Achaemenid rock tombs, cruciform and with bas-reliefs) and Pasargad (the Monument of Cyrus the Great), return to Shiraz, in the afternoon visits in Shiraz (the Temples of famous poets of Saadi and Hafez, ..), hotel accommodation in Shiraz.

Day 13 - Flight Shiraz / Origin

Meals : Breakfast, Lunch

.we have choised the best 3/4 grade hotels and traditional houses for you to have a comfortable trip and also exprience living in a old persian

A traditional house in IRAN

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